Apple Valley Choice Energy Celebrates its Five-Year Anniversary

Apple Valley Choice Energy 5 year Anniversary logo Apple Valley Choice Energy (AVCE), the Town’s locally-operated electrical power provider, celebrated its five-year anniversary on April 1, 2022. AVCE currently serves 23,164 residential customers and 2,403 commercial customers throughout the Town.

“For the last five years, AVCE has provided clean energy at competitive rates,” said Mayor Kari Leon. “Our program is an alternative to the standard utility provider and gives our customers the option to help the environment while saving on energy costs.”

Since its launch, AVCE’s cumulative rate savings are approximately $1,587,317. The program has a healthy fund balance and provides a 3% bill discount compared to Southern California Edison. Since 2019, AVCE’s annual load has increased from 249,598 MWh to 278,016 MWh.

Beyond helping customers save on their energy bills, AVCE has made significant progress in expanding its clean energy programs and partnerships:

  1. In addition to AVCE’s 50% renewable energy option, ACVE now offers a 100% renewable energy plan (More Choice) for customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
  2. AVCE has recently partnered with TerraVerde to launch a solar and battery storage program to increase local resilience, reliability, and grid health. The partnership also provides AVCE commercial customers with a unique opportunity to enter into shared savings agreements that benefit the customers’ bottom line.
  3. AVCE has collaborated with OhmConnect on a Smart Device Program to distribute free, energy-efficient EV chargers, monitoring devices, and smart plugs to customers.
  4. ACVE has engaged with Blink Charging to pave the way for wide-spread adoption of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  5. Most recently, AVCE has partnered with SoCalREN for the implementation of several new energy efficiency programs for its Town facilities and residential and commercial customers.

In addition to these programs, AVCE regularly partners with the Town to help fund community events and programs such as Concerts in the Park, the annual Freedom Festival and bi-annual community clean-ups.

“Despite substantial progress over the last five years, AVCE is committed to developing its CCA programs to adapt to California’s changing environment and energy needs,” continued Mayor Leon. “Thank you to our customers who are driving a state-wide movement for a more sustainable future.”

AVCE joined the California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) as an associate member in 2017 to assist with the implementation and development of the CCA program. CalChoice continues to provide AVCE with CCA expertise and operational support.

“Congratulations to AVCE for five years of innovation and impact,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “We are proud to be partnered with AVCE and look forward to watching the program continue to flourish in the coming years.”

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