CalChoice Associate Members and Partners Meet in Rancho Mirage for Special Operational Meeting

CalChoice’s Special Operational Meeting on Wednesday, February 26 brought together Associate Members and partners in Rancho Mirage, home of CalChoice Associate Member Rancho Mirage Energy Authority (RMEA), for in-depth discussion about regulatory affairs affecting Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs). 

“A key benefit for CalChoice Associate Members is the flexibility to handle day-to-day operations and governance of their CCA without being in the weeds of the technical processes,” said Jason Caudle, CalChoice Executive Director. “Still, our members have an obligation to their communities to understand what is happening behind the scenes. This meeting is the perfect opportunity for our members to hear directly from the partners who help keep their CCAs running smoothly.”

Braun Blaising Smith Wynne (BBSW), a partner of CalChoice, led the meeting with an extensive presentation about CCA regulatory affairs featuring several of the firm’s attorneys: Scott Blaising, Justin Wynne, Brittany Iles and Laura Fernandez. 

BBSW kicked off the presentation with a regulatory overview and update, providing insight into California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations, proceedings and processes related to CCAs. They covered requirements, enforcement and penalties in two critically important systems for operating CCAs: energy procurement and portfolio balance procurements. Additionally, the team provided a thorough overview of Resource Adequacy and Integrated Resource Plans, two prominent CCA regulatory compliance requirements currently being addressed in active proceedings. 

The firm concluded the meeting with a discussion on development opportunities for CCAs, highlighting successful CCA-funded community programs such as LCE’s Small Commercial Direct Install program which provides stipends for local businesses to install energy efficient equipment in their facilities.

Following the meeting, attendees gathered at the Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory for an evening of networking and stargazing. Following the stargazing event, BBSW hosted dinner at Acqua California Bistro. CalChoice associate members and partners present included Apple Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, Pico Rivera, Rancho Mirage, Santa Barbara, San Jacinto, BBSW, Pacific Energy Advisors, Bayshore Consulting Group, and Tripepi Smith.

“This is the first of many special operational meetings dedicated to providing our members with information about the technicalities associated with running their CCAs,” said Barbara Boswell, CalChoice treasurer. “Our first meeting focused on regulatory information. Future meetings will address other CCA-related topics, and we certainly welcome members to provide recommendations on those topics. Members may also recommend future meeting locations; we are very thankful to Rancho Mirage for hosting our first meeting.” 

To recommend topics for future meetings, please contact Barbara Boswell at Visit for more information about CalChoice.