California 2018 Legislative Review

With California’s legislature back from Spring Recess and in full swing, this edition, produced by MuniServices covers selected and relevant issues of importance, including those impacting local revenues.

Sales and Use Taxes/ District Taxes
Exemption (State and Local): Water Efficiency (AB 3170/ Friedman)
Exemption (State and Local): Charitable Thrift (SB 1484/ E. Hernandez)
Sales and Use Tax Credit: Bicycles: City of Santa Monica (AB 2938/ Bloom)
Sales and Use Tax: Revenue Allocation: Public Safety Services (SB 1366 and SB 1429/ Mendoza)
Exemptions: Information Required Prior to Adoption by the Legislature (SB 726/ Wiener) (Two-Year)
City of Berkeley: Transactions and Use Tax – Exclusion from 2% Cap (AB 2920/ Thurmond) Updated

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