California JPIA Chief Executive Officer Jon Shull Elected President of AGRiP

The California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (California JPIA) congratulates Chief Executive Officer Jon Shull, elected president of the Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP).

Incorporated in 1998, AGRiP provides educational, collaborative, and developmental resources to enhance member pooling organizations and to advance the pooling industry. As the recognized authority for public entity risk pooling in North America, AGRiP promotes pooling as a practical extension of local government’s obligation to be a good steward of public funds. The organization also provides a forum for intergovernmental issues of mutual interest, identifies legislative and regulatory issues affecting intergovernmental pools, and collects and disseminates data and resources to its more than 215 member pools.

“Like the California JPIA, AGRiP’s story began when a handful of pool members gathered together to cooperate and collaborate,” said Shull, who has been involved with the organization since its inception. “I am proud to lead a like-minded organization that provides important international context, an exceptional wealth of information, and valuable educational events, including programming specifically tailored to enhance the experience of the California JPIA’s Executive Committee.”

The AGRiP board meets regularly to review and address trends in technology, succession planning, service, and operations that impact public entity pooling.

“Jon will be an excellent AGRiP president,” said Brett Davis, chief executive officer of the Chicago-based Park District Risk Management Agency and a past president of AGRiP. “His passion for the organization, willingness to engage with the membership, openness to new ideas and perspectives, and ability to involve the whole board in constructive dialogue and debate will serve AGRiP well. Jon doesn’t shy away from difficult topics and is always willing to listen to all sides of an issue.”

Tom Barnes, chief executive officer and general counsel of the Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia and also a past president of AGRiP, concurs: “Jon is able to fly the plane at the altitude that the journey requires,” said Barnes. “While he has a very good big-picture perspective, he also is highly capable of dealing with details and advocating for solutions. Jon is in the top echelon of successful pool managers.”

Shull, who celebrated 26 years of service to the California JPIA in February 2021, signed on in 1995 and took the helm as chief executive officer in 2002. Under his leadership, the California JPIA has continued to advance its already-respected voice in state and national risk management organizations, receiving Accreditation with Excellence by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities as well as the Association of Governmental Risk Pools’ Advisory Standards Recognition.

The California JPIA achieved its second consecutive AGRiP Advisory Standards Recognition in 2019, signifying continued standing as a pool operating at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness, with adherence to professional standards and industry best practices.

The AGRiP Recognition Program is built upon self-evaluation by the pool against the AGRiP Advisory Standards for Public Entity Risk and Employee Benefits Pools. Pools receiving AGRiP Recognition distinction must demonstrate compliance with all Advisory Standards covering ten major elements and more than 80 standards including governance, fiduciary and financial solvency, operations, staffing, service provider contracts, member services, coverage, underwriting, business continuity, data security, claims management, and professional development. Only one quarter of AGRiP member pools have achieved the three-year recognition.

“AGRiP Recognition is an arduous process that requires a detailed review of every aspect of a pool,” said Barnes. “Organizations that earn AGRiP recognition have been thoroughly examined and determined to have met best practices.”

“AGRiP Recognition confirms the California JPIA’s status as a leader in the pooling industry,” said Shull.

Providing innovative risk management solutions for its public agency partners for more than 40 years, the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (California JPIA) is one of the largest municipal self-insurance pools in the state, with more than 120 member cities and other governmental agencies. Members actively participate in shaping the organization to provide important coverage for their operations. The California JPIA provides innovative risk management solutions through a comprehensive portfolio of programs and services, including liability, workers’ compensation, pollution, property, and earthquake coverage, as well as extensive training and loss control services. For more information, please visit the California JPIA’s website at