Climatec Renews Support of CCCA to Advance Contracting Model for Calif. Cities

The California Contract Cities Association (CCCA), representing 74 member cities and more than 7.5 million residents, helps cities contract for essential services through education, advocacy, networking and access. For the fourth year in a row, Climatec renewed its support of the association–a move that will help CCCA advance collaborative governance through public, private and not-for-profit partnerships.

“Our member cities look to partners across sectors to provide critical services spanning law, energy, public safety and more,” said Marcel Rodarte, executive director of Contract Cities. “These key partnerships are the lifeblood of the contracting model–it’s what makes it possible for cities to preserve resources without sacrificing necessary, quality services. We’re fortunate to have Climatec as one of these partners, and moreover, to have them as an Associate Member in the CCCA family.”

Climatec is a turnkey energy and building solutions provider helping public agencies renew their energy infrastructure. By implementing efficiency measures, such as LED lighting modernization; HVAC optimization, renewable solar arrays, water infrastructure upheaval, indoor air quality upgrades and more, Climatec’s customers can achieve fiscal prudence. Often, they also simultaneously build up their ability to stand the test of time.

Most Climatec customers pursue comprehensive energy infrastructure renewal programs, including efficiency measures as well as resiliency measures to hedge against timely challenges, such as backup battery storage to combat the rolling blackouts of wildfire season and needlepoint bipolar ionization technology to reduce transmission of viruses, bacteria, allergens and other airborne pathogens. Public agencies that work with Climatec often tap into a medley of funding sources, including grants.

“CCCA’s member cities are firmly dedicated to their communities. They join CCCA to gain access to tools and networks needed to bring their commitment to life through services they simply can’t provide on their own,” said Ashley Cascio, public sector director at Climatec. “Through collaborative governance, CCCA is helping member cities tackle the most significant challenges of our time; Climatec couldn’t be more proud to stand behind that.”

About Climatec
Founded in 1975, Climatec is a leading provider of turnkey implementation and funding solutions for public agencies looking to remedy aging infrastructure. Serving building owners across all public sector market segments including education, state, and local government, Climatec specializes in energy, water and operational improvements that provide significant relief for the bottom line while making buildings smarter, safer and more efficient. Visit for more information.