Address: 144 Linden Street, Oakland, CA 94607

Telephone: (415) 632-1248


In 2000 Comcate was founded with the help of retired city managers and Silicon Valley technologists who had a vision for improved workflows and greater efficiencies within public agencies. With close access to the customer base, our team developed software exclusively for this environment and continues to develop best practices that extend the value of the Comcate platform. Today, Comcate is a leader in providing SaaS-based solutions for governments and local municipalities to effectively execute and manage crucial programs, dedicated to enabling local agencies to better manage their assets and serve local citizens through program-based solutions.

What We Do

Build Software Solutions that Solve Problems
We work closely with our clients to identify what they need to accomplish and then incorporate those ideas into our newest releases. Our software also integrates with existing government programs, including Tele-Works and GIS. Helping governments use resources efficiently is a priority.

Provide Comprehensive Services that Maximize Return on Investment
We want our clients to be successful, therefore we provide all of the support they need to maximize the return on investment in our products. We offer complete implementation, training, integration and support services to our clients.

Deliver Customized Solutions that Serve the Needs of Our Clients
Designed to work for most local governments, our products are

customizable. Reports and user interfaces can be modified to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Improve Customer Service and Increase Staff Efficiency
Comcate’s interactions with both clients and employees ultimately transform how local governments interact with their citizens. Our energies are focused on client needs and creating the necessary innovations and adjustments required to achieve excellence.

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