ICMA Appoints over 400 Members to Serve on Task Forces, Committees, and Advisory Boards

In June of 2019, ICMA president-elect Jane Brautigam, City Manager for the City of Boulder, CO appointed individuals to serve on the ICMA member committees and task forces. Over 400 members have been appointed or designated to serve on committees, advisory boards, and task forces. 

New committee, advisory board, and task force members will be beginning their terms of service at the 105th annual ICMA conference in Nashville, TN. 

A list of new and existing group leaders can be found below:

New Groups:

ICMA Advisory Board for Deputies and Assistants 

  • Committee Co-Chairs: 
    • Jill Silverboard- Pinellas County, FL
    • Dan Weinheimer- Routt County, CO
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison: 
    • Maria Hurtado- Hayward, CA

Task Force to Update the Recruitment Guidelines Handbook 

  • Committee Chair:
    • Robert Harrison- Renton, WA

Ongoing Groups:

Advisory Board on Graduate Education

  • Committee Chair 
    • Mark Nagel- Elko New Market, MN
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Michael Land- Coppell, TX
  • Committee Vice Chairs
    • Robert Blair- University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Chapter, NE
    • Kimberly Nelson- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC

Awards Evaluation Committee

  • Committee Chair
    • Victoria Brazitis- Bothell, WA
  • Committee Vice Chair
    • Vince DiMaggio- El Cajon, CA
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Christopher Coleman- Needham, MA

Conference Evaluation Committee

  • Committee Chair 
    • Pamela Hylton- Richmond Heights, MO
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Laura Fitzpatrick- Chesapeake, VA

Conference Planning Committee 

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Marc Landy- Moncton, NB, Canada
    • Melissa Valadez-Cummings, Cedar Hill, TX 

Digital Strategies Advisory Board 

  • Committee Chair
    • Benjamin Bitter- Florence, AZ
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Edward Shikada- Palo Alto, CA 

Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee

  • Committee Chair 
    • Jonathan Lewis- Sarasota County, FL
  • Committee Vice Chair
    • David Unmacht- League of Minnesota Cities, MN
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Michael Kaigler- Chatham County, GA 

ICMA Welcome Ambassadors 

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Yaidee Castillero Fox- Hickory, NC 
    • Andrew Haines- Middletown, PA
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Molly Mehner- Cape Girardeau, MO 

International Committee 

  • Committee Chair
    • Kelly McAdoo- Hayward, CA
  • Committee Vice Chair
    • Cynthia Steinhauser- Rochester, MN
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Lane Bailey- Salisbury, NC
    • Sue Bidrose- Dunedin, New Zealand

Smart Communities Advisory Board 

  • Committee Chair
    • Lori Sassoon- Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaisons
    • Matthew Hart- West Hartford, CT
    • Robert Kristof- Timisoara, Romania 

Sustainable Communities Advisory Committee 

  • Committee Chair 
    • Gregory Mandsager- Muscatine, IA
  • ICMA Executive Board Liaison
    • Wally Bobkiewicz- Issaquah, WA

You can find the full list an all new ICMA members on the ICMA website.