Interview with Jacky Aldana, Calpipe Security Bollards sales representative


Calpipe Security Bollards is a part of Atkore. They design and produce bollard products and also provide bollard security services. Manufactured in the United States from imported and domestic materials, Calpipe Security Bollards offers a wide range of protective solutions. We spoke with Sales Representative Jacky Aldana to learn more about what brought her to Atkore, her work and the importance of bollards for local governments.



Can you tell us about the work you do at Atkore? What is your role and how do you interact with cities?

Atkore is a global operation, my position lies within the bounds of Atkore Calpipe Security BollardsⓇ to oversee sales in the West Coast. This allows me the opportunity to promote pedestrian and building safety within my district. I am determined to educate, promote, and encourage safety with each city in California. My primary focus is to interact with cities, educating and advising them on the importance of bollard protection. Once we can educate the cities and guide them to deciphering the various potential threats and risks to pedestrians, we usually see cities then start to better integrate pedestrian safety into their building standards or design review processesI. While my primary communication is via email and phone calls, ideally, I would like to visit cities and give an in-person presentation. But, given the pandemic and the need for safety during this time, we have been connected virtually. I look forward to life after the pandemic when I can visit cities and meet in person with local government professionals.

What in your background drew you to working at Atkore?

Prior to working at Atkore, I worked in real estate. Working in real estate gave me the opportunity to connect and work with city government, business owners and homeowners. Working in real estate gave me a perspective on land, design and spacing that helps in the work I do now.

The day I went to interview for Calpipe Security Bollards, I told myself I would not make a move to a new company until I knew the company was worth it. When I learned about the safety impacts of bollards, I remember thinking, “Wow, this is something people never think about and it’s vitally important to protecting lives.” It is not often one can work in a space where the results can directly save lives, so I quickly made up my mind to work here. I love the atmosphere, the product, the business, and the dedication of everyone in the team.

Having the knowledge of what it takes for business owners to lease or buy a property gives me a helpful perspective to share with them the importance of bollards for public and building safety.

Why should public agencies care about bollards from Atkore?

Cities pride themselves on creating open spaces for the community to gather outdoors and experience our great California weather. But, every open public space and gathering is also an area of pedestrian risk. Cities are in the unique positions of creating safer spaces for their communities to gather, and since public safety is typically a top priority for cities, bollard safety should be a natural area of interest for cities. Plus, one additional bonus, after installation, the long term costs for the safety created by bollards is cheap. They pay safety dividends for decades.

Calpipe offers solutions that not only ensure safety, but are aesthetically pleasing. We believe that bollards should not compromise the integrity of a building or the thriving ecosystem of a community. Our bollards can be used to prevent vehicular intrusions in city buildings, sidewalks, farmers markets, and any open space. We have an extensive line of products that include various options within industrial, architectural, and crash rated bollards. We have several worldwide occurrences where our bollards have saved lives and protected buildings. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if an attack or accident will occur, it’s a matter of when. Public agencies need to do their due diligence to keep the public safe – that is exactly what our bollards offer.

With COVID-19 bringing to light many areas for stronger safety measures, how have you seen the importance of bollard use increase for local government agencies?

Every city’s economy took a hit because of the pandemic. In trying to get businesses and restaurants backup to speed, many cities implemented their own outdoor dining program. Many restaurants have taken it upon themselves to implement temporary fencing or barriers to section off their property from on-going traffic or parking lots. What is widely known about these temporary fences or barricades is that they are only visual deterrents. If a vehicle were to run through one of these temporary barriers, there is a high chance that the barrier could cause more destruction. For outdoor dining, crash tested bollards should be used. We have a line of crash tested removable bollards that can act as these temporary barriers and provide the protection against vehicular intrusions. Bollards should also be considered for those high traffic areas where store lines to enter the premises are outside.

I understand cities want to move fast to implement flexible solutions for their businesses, but it is possible implement a bollard solution that delivers safety, is cost effective and can be quickly implemented. Plus, I expect many cities will want to maintain some of this curbside dining going forward, especially in the summer months, and that should be an inducement for cities to insist on a safer experience for the diners.

What are some of the challenges you faced while at the organization? What work are you most proud of?

The biggest challenge we face is educating the public on why bollards are necessary to ensure safety. The work I am most proud of is exercising safety implementation within cities. For example, I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with the City of La Puente’s City Manager Bob Lindsey and Development Services Director John DiMario on a street closure project to implement safety precautions for major Holiday events and everyday use. I love being able to assist cities on projects because I know we are working to protect everyone – that is the kind of work I want to be a part of.

About Calpipe Security Bollards
Calpipe Security BollardsⓇ is a part of Atkore. They provide bollard products and bollard security services. Calpipe Security Bollards offers a wide range of bollards including – safety and architectural bollards, lighted and standard landscaping bollards, as well as crash-tested high-security bollards engineered for anti-terrorist or high-threat applications. Calpipe Security Bollards manufacturing facility is located in the City of Downey at 12160 Woodruff Ave. and is easily accessible from the 5, 105, and 605 Freeways. They are available to provide safety assessments, product specifications, and estimates for crash-tested bollards and other safety devices for cities and other local governments.