Ivy-It Beautifies Communities, one Eco-Friendly Leaf at a Time

Ivy-It, a Claremont based company founded in 2009 by Sergio Martinez, offers environmentally friendly, 100% recycled graffiti deterrent products for local governments. Ivy-It uses a unique synthetic ivy and vine system that creates a realistic and aesthetically true representation of natural foliage. It can be used by municipalities, businesses, property managers and homeowners. Ivy-It has proven to be a cost-effective graffiti deterrent in highly visible, high-traffic areas, particularly where the construction of infrastructure is needed for video surveillance.

Recognizing the need for a simple and practical solution to graffiti, Martinez developed the Ivy-It system. The Anchor life-like synthetic ivy easily attaches to existing graffiti prone walls, fencing and mechanical boxes, therefore deterring graffiti and adding an aesthetic appeal. Out of the 200 plus sites that currently have the Ivy-It system installed, only 3 have been tagged with graffiti. The City of Anaheim is currently using the system on many sites across the entire city, which has proven successful and worthy of the company’s claims to be cost effective, simple, and practical solution to graffiti. The sites have remained graffiti-free and even aided Anaheim Police in apprehending taggers on the 5 Freeway. Ivy-It has also helped the city save money. The City of Anaheim has saved $8,500 annually in graffiti removal supplies and labor since installation.

Other Ivy-It clients include Lynwood, Paramount, La Puente, Coachella, Pomona, Bell Gardens, Placentia, Riverside, and Pico Rivera. Benefits of the Ivy-It system include minimizing costly graffiti removal programs and the unsightly results of non-matching surface painting, helping to reduce crime stemming from graffiti.  Use of the system reduces overall water consumption, providing a significant cost-savings benefit. Additionally, the Ivy-It system eliminates pesticides, is maintenance free, aesthetically appealing, lush and green all year, 100% recycled and renewable, allows for quick installation, can be cut and sculpted into any shape/size, comes with a 2 year warranty, and has a 7 year life expectancy.

Ivy-It is poised for growth and will expand work with cities, utilities, DOTs, school districts, and other entities to protect sites commonly hit by graffiti artists such as underpasses, mechanical boxes, and areas with chain-link fences. If you’re in California, Ivy-It will install the product for you. The company plans to expand its service area into New York, Arizona, and the Midwest, as well as Canada, England, and Mexico. If you’re not in any of these places, not to worry — the installation is so simple, you can do it on your own.

For more information on this unique solution to the blight caused by graffiti, contact them at (909) 447-0469 or visit their website: http://www.ivy-it.com/index.html