Ken Spiker & Associates Looking Forward to 2014

2014 is slated to be an exciting year for Ken Spiker & Associates (KSA). The firm will celebrate 30 years in business. Additionally, this November, the board of directors named longtime President Greg Spiker CEO. KSA is one of the premiere government consulting firms working to build productive and successful relationships between the private sector and local, county and state government in Southern California.

“There is a lot of business to be done in California and Cities more than ever are looking to forge partnerships with the private sector to help deliver services and technology advances to their residents. Its is pretty amazing when you think about it that if you take the membership of the Independent Cities Association (ICA) including Los Angeles, it consists of over 7 million people that live in its 40 member cities. ICA’s population alone would be the 13th largest state in the United States. Suffice it to say most companies desiring to do business with Cities have or will have a presence in Southern California in an effort to try and get their share of this marketplace.”

According to Spiker, one of the key competitive advantages that distinguishes KSA from other firms is our unique involvement with private and government associations such as ICA , the Los Angeles Parking Association, Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc., Independent Cities Lease Finance Authority, Independent Cities Risk Management Authority, and the Big Independent Cities Excess Pool.

“How we’ve flourished for so long is our solid reputation with elected officials and staff in Southern California. It is important to tell the truth, and provide the facts. As consultants, I see our role as merging the interests of our clients with the objectives of public officials. When you look at it as a partnership, it is particularly important to ensure that everyone involved has the necessary information from which to make informed decisions” said Spiker.

2014 will also be year for cities to be even more vigilant in finding cost-effective ways to provide services for their residents. The absence of redevelopment tools and increasing concerns regarding pension obligations has led many cities to explore outsourcing services. It is shaping up to be an interesting year, indeed.