Lancaster Choice Energy Program Helps More Than 130 Small Businesses Save Money, Save Energy

Lancaster Choice Energy (LCE), an associate member of the California Choice Energy Authority, is again offering local businesses free energy-efficient equipment, which helps lower energy usage and costs, through its Small Commercial Direct Install Program. Currently in its third and final phase, the program will be available until funds are exhausted.

“LCE’s Direct Install Program has already helped 138 local businesses save almost two million kilowatt-hours of energy,” said City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “This program is a huge opportunity for small, locally owned businesses to save money while reducing their carbon footprint. It is a testament to our success in creating programs that benefit those who live and do business in Lancaster.”

The program provides free, energy-efficient equipment such as LED lights and occupancy sensors to qualifying businesses with a peak electric demand of 200 kilowatts or less each month. Installation is complimentary.

To participate, businesses must contact FESS Energy Solutions, LCE’s partner and energy efficiency expert, who will then recommend improvements such as LED lights, cooler display lights and pool lights, occupancy sensors, refrigeration strip curtains and/or door closers.

“Energy costs have a direct impact on a business bottom line,” continued Mayor Parris. “By taking advantage of this program and using more energy efficient equipment, local businesses are going to use less energy, reduce carbon footprints and decrease energy costs.”

To learn more about the Lancaster Choice Energy Direct Install Program, please visit or call 626-308-3000.

About LCE
Lancaster Choice Energy (LCE) is a clean and modern power provider available exclusively to those who work and live within Lancaster. By bringing energy decisions closer to home, LCE provides the community with a far greater say in power generation, energy conservation and sustainability. By investing locally to support the region’s renewable resources and helping to create new good paying, local jobs, LCE not only helps the environment, but also the economy. Learn more at

About CalChoice
CalChoice offers support for local governments in every phase of the CCA program
implementation process, providing feasibility services to determine whether a CCA program is appropriate, developing implementation plans for members to submit to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and managing the implementation process to launch the CCA program, as well as continuing to support members once their CCA program becomes operational. To learn more about partnering opportunities with CalChoice, please visit