Lisa Wells Celebrates 5 Years With Civiltec

Administrative Assistant – Prescott

What are you currently working on for Civiltec?
Whatever I can do that will assist others is a priority. I am training to help with Blue Stake requests, obtaining utility maps and coordinating that job component within the office and with utility contractors. Additionally, I am assisting the marketing team while also learning more about Deltek.

What are you excited about for Civiltec in 2020?
One of the exciting things I see at Civiltec is the leadership’s commitment to fostering growth, positive thinking, and business expansion while staying grounded by the importance of its people. In these troubling, changing and uncertain times, Civiltec has been blessed to sustain growth. While so many people around us are struggling, Civiltec has remained steady and focused for clients and staff. That enables the people of Civiltec to reach out and help others. I find that exciting.

How has the Civiltec team grown or changed in recent years?
My observation has been that leadership has begun to operate and communicate as one company. Previously, production staff in each office seemed to operate like a separate entity. While Civiltec’s three offices have their own distinctions, they operate more cohesively than they did five years ago. The machine is operating smoother, if you will.

What do you like most about Arizona?
I was 16 years old the first time I came to Arizona. I grew up in the Catskills. When I arrived in Arizona, I immediately loved it here. I knew that Arizona would be my home. I love the climate, the people – everything about AZ.