City of Manteca Approves Three-Year Agreement with Microsoft Enterprise

In order to better serve resident and community needs in the digital age, the City Council of Manteca adopted a resolution approving a three-year Microsoft Enterprise agreement with CDW Government Computing Solutions in the amount of $734,868. This agreement began immediately and will be valid through January 31, 2025.

As work continuously shifts to remote meetings and telecommunications, the City saw it as imperative to update technologies to support these advancements. The update to the City’s Microsoft software ensures the efficiency of communicating with constituents via email, social media sites, websites and more.

“The City is taking proactive measures to ensure that our technologies are up to the task of all the remote and online work we conduct on a daily basis to stay connected and serve our community,” said Pennie Arounsack, Manteca’s Director of Information Technology and Innovation. “Securing this deal consolidated Microsoft subscription services, which saves the City on overall cost of individual software purchases.”

CDW Government Computing Solutions provides technology products and services to government agencies such as computers and computer accessories, memory, networking and data storage products, printers, scanners, and other electronic equipment.

To read the full resolution, visit the March 15, 2022 Council Meeting agenda on the City’s website.