Manteca Passes Federal Transit Administration Review with Flying Colors

City Is In Total Compliance Across 21 Areas

In late July 2021, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) sent the City of Manteca its findings from a routine Triennial Review that analyzed the City Transit Division’s compliance in 21 areas. No deficiencies were found with the FTA requirements in all 21 areas, and the City had zero repeat deficiencies from the 2017 Triennial Review.

The FTA Triennial Review examines how recipients of Urbanized Area Formula Program funds meet statutory and administrative requirements. The process includes a pre-review assessment, a desk review and scoping meeting with the FTA regional office, and a virtual site visit to the Fund recipient’s location. The Review was scheduled to take place in 2020 but, in March 2020, all work on Reviews was halted due to the Public Health Emergency. Instead, the virtual site visit with the City occurred from May 17, 2021 to June 1, 2021. The FTA grades Review areas as Not Deficient, Deficient, or Not Applicable; Manteca received “Not Deficient” grades in all areas.

“This Triennial Review report from the FTA confirmed what we know to be true: that our City staff is dedicated to high-quality work every day,” said Mayor Ben Cantu. “Thank you to the City’s Transit Division for your commitment to participating in this FTA Review, working around the complexity of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“I was excited to share with City leadership that the City’s Transit Division received zero findings out of 21 areas the FTA reviewed. This is very difficult to do and was the City’s first zero-finding Triennial Review from the FTA,” said Transit Supervisor Juan Portillo. “I also want to thank the City Council, as the Transit Division surfaces many items required by FTA for Council’s approval. The Council has been a great source of support to the City’s transit system.”

The City of Manteca operates fixed route and Dial-a-Ride bus service throughout the city limits, with a service area that is home to approximately 87,000 people. For more information, visit the Transit Division webpage at

About the City of Manteca
The City of Manteca is a thriving city with a small town feel whose heart is rooted in family values, patriotic tradition, and community service. The City was incorporated in 1918 as a general law city and operates under the council-manager form of government. Manteca is a full-service city: departments include Public Works, Finance, Fire, Police, and Engineering. Known as the “Crossroads of California” due to its location between the Bay Area and Sacramento region, Manteca and its neighboring cities of Stockton and Tracy sit in the heart of the Central Valley. For more information, visit