Meet the CCA Team: Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy

Photo of PRIME StaffFor the second installation of California Choice Energy Authority’s new “Meet the CCA Team” series, we highlight associate member Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME). PRIME is the locally managed public energy provider of the City of Pico Rivera. It offers clean power alternatives at competitive rates, including a 50% renewable energy option called PRIME Power and a 100% renewable energy option called PRIME Future. Since its launch in September 2017, PRIME has saved customers over $1 million.

PRIME would not be able to offer an array of community-focused services without its dedicated team of staff. PRIME’s team, led by General Manager Victor H. Ferrer, is responsible for setting goals, developing policies, allocating resources, and ensuring efficient operations. They work closely with the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and Executive Management team to implement projects and programs, which are then administered by Ashley Cooper and Mario Flores.

“It’s our priority to ensure PRIME customers receive the very best service in a cost-efficient manner,” said Victor. “I’m proud of our program, and our daily efforts to advance the best interests of the Pico Rivera community.”

PRIME aims to demonstrate the value of a community choice aggregator (CCA) by offering services, equipment, and programs that benefit customers and address current needs. They are collaborating with CalChoice to introduce a distributed microgrid program to the City in anticipation of summer heatwaves and increased energy demand. PRIME’s long-term goals include developing solar and battery storage programs, completing the streetlight conversion to LED, creating an EV charging plan, and leading other citywide projects like the Bikeway Paths Project.

“We appreciate our partnership with CalChoice and are grateful for their assistance advancing our programs,” continued Victor. “Not only has their knowledgeable team of consultants accelerated our mission and program objectives, but they also provide opportunities for PRIME to collaborate with other community choice energy programs across the state. By inviting us to interactive events, such as the CalChoice All Member Meeting, we can learn from one another and discuss ongoing challenges and solutions impacting California’s energy sector.”

CalChoice is proud to partner with PRIME and their hard-working team of staff who continue to serve the best interests of the Pico Rivera Community.