MindMixer Rebrands to Mysidewalk

Civic engagement software provider MindMixer recently announced its rebrand to MySidewalk. With the new name comes a new social media network aimed at creating regional networks where individual users and government agencies alike can ask questions about civic affairs.

Founded in 2010, MindMixer has worked with over 1,300 organizations in the past four years with the goal of increasing citizen engagement on municipal issues. MindMixer was used by local agencies to solicit resident feedback on projects ranging from city rebranding initiatives to General Plan Updates. The newly launched Mysidewalk continues this core ethos while adding a number of new features. Instead of focusing on a portal for a single municipal entity, users can view an activity feed from individuals and agencies from the geographical locations the user chooses. Users can also follow activity in the region by topic, either viewing all user comments and questions, or only view posts by organizations. More about Mysidewalk can be found here: mysidewalk.com