MuniServices, San Diego Sign Contract for Sales Tax Audit, Recovery Services

Results. That was one of the main reasons why San Diego came back to MuniServices, one of the nation’s leading providers of tax audit and revenue recovery services for local municipalities, with a second sales tax audit contract.

From 1991 to 2014, the City of San Diego partnered with MuniServices to audit and recover sales and use taxes that were underpaid or misallocated by retailers or the California Board of Equalization (BOE). After working with another vendor for a short period of time, the City ultimately decided to reestablish MuniServices as its sales tax audit consultant.

According to the staff report to City Council, the key reasons of switching back to MuniServices is “MuniServices recovered $1 to $5 million annually. Since the inception of the contract with HdL, $0.5 to $1.6 million has been recovered annually by HdL. MuniServices continues to demonstrate high level of expertise, experience, knowledge, and execution in managing complex matters that require direct interaction with the California State Board of Equalization for revenue recovery.”

“San Diego is a world class city for its residents, and one of the great vacation destinations for people from all over the world. San Diego’s vast and diverse economy requires close attention to the sales tax revenues it generates,” said Doug Jensen, senior vice president of client services for MuniServices West. “Our job is to make sure the City gets its full share, and has the funding it needs to pay for vital public services that make San Diego such a great place to live and visit.”

Last year, the BOE distributed over $200 million in sales and use taxes to the City of San Diego. Sales and use taxes are collected by the BOE from retailers and other businesses, then distributed back to municipalities. Sometimes those funds are wrongly paid to an incorrect jurisdiction. Part of the MuniServices audit will be to discover those wrongful payments and ensure the funding gets to the City of San Diego.

With more than 900 cities, counties, and special districts as clients, MuniServices is the nation’s leading provider of proprietary revenue recovery, audit and administration services encompassing all general sources of municipal tax revenue.  To learn more about MuniServices and its revenue recovery services, visit