OCI Coding is Helping to Fight Fires

The California wildfires last November devastated hundreds of thousands of acres of land- over 153,000 acres as a result of The Camp Fire in Butte County and nearly 14,000 homes to be exact. This in addition to the many wildfires that have affected all of the American Pacific have prompted local governments to find preventative solutions. 

After the fire, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, the University of California, San Diego, and the State of California created an expert team for its first Wildlife Technology Innovation Summit this past March. 

Participants discussed using AI-based visual recognition technology to analyze satellite imagery imagery that can determine vegetation risks in proximity to utility lines and fuel conditions. Machine learning and automation inspections importance for increased safety assurance was also discussed.

Also on the topic of conversation was preemptive action through stricter building codes that will create barriers between man made buildings and the surrounding environment. This will be implemented through the International Building Code, which is due for revision next year. Using technology tools to change both management and enforcement of more up-to-date building codes means more consistency for government officials, and safer cities for residents. You can read more about this topic in Peter Pirnejad, head of Oracle Public Sector Community Development’s article.