Rancho Mirage Energy Authority Residential Solar Rebate Program Gives Back to Community

As part of its continued efforts to provide cleaner, cheaper energy, the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority (RMEA), a California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) associate member, offers a Residential Solar Rebate Program to encourage the installation of new solar power systems and the expansion of existing solar power systems. The program, launched in July 2018, offers a one-time, $500 rebate to residential customers who install a new solar system or expand an existing solar system. 

In fiscal year 2018-2019, RMEA processed 193 solar rebates, giving back $96,500 to their customers. At the close of fiscal year 2019-2020, RMEA processed 366 solar rebates, giving back $183,000 to their customers. 

With the times we are in, it’s incredible to hear that RMEA has processed almost twice as many rebates as they did last year and have given even more back more to the community,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “Solar systems not only save energy and money, but also increase the value of homes.” 

Participation in the Residential Solar Rebate Program is reserved for applicants who have been actively enrolled in RMEA since inceptionor for at least one yearand who own the property at the time of the solar permit issuance. Applicants must also participate in RMEA’s Net Energy Metering program, which allows customers to send excess energy to the grid in exchange for credits. 

Upon completion of solar installation, applicants must submit a Residential Solar Rebate Program Rebate Request form and provide supporting documentation. City staff members review requests, determine eligibility and process all eligible rebates, which are mailed to the applicants. 

“It’s clear that RMEA is committed to creating new, forward-thinking programs specific to the needs of their residents and businesses,” said Caudle. “Everyone benefits from having cleaner, renewable electricity at competitive rates.” 

About CalChoice

CalChoice offers support for local governments in every phase of the CCA program implementation process, providing feasibility services to determine whether a CCA program is appropriate, developing implementation plans for members to submit to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and managing the implementation process to launch the CCA program, as well as continuing to support members once their CCA program becomes operational. To learn more about partnering opportunities with CalChoice, please visit www.CaliforniaChoiceEnergyAuthority.com.