San Jacinto Power Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

San Jacinto Power (SJP), the City of San Jacinto’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, celebrated its one-year anniversary on April 1, 2019. The City launched SJP a year earlier in partnership with California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice), providing residents and local businesses, for the first time in history, an alternative energy provider to Southern California Edison (SCE).  

“SJP has been a rewarding program for the City and our entire community since the first day,” said Robert Johnson, City of San Jacinto City Manager. “The program is helping our City achieve its environmental sustainability goals and at the same time residents and local businesses are benefiting from incredible rate savings.”

Since SJP’s launch, residents and local businesses in the San Jacinto community have benefited from three percent rate savings compared to costs with SCE. As a CCA program, SJP purchases directly from energy retailers which minimizes inessential costs and allows SJP to offer lower rates. SJP saved the community $855,000 in energy costs between April and November 2018 and savings are projected to continue.

“This is an excellent milestone for SJP,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “The City has built a great program for its community and we are excited to continue supporting its operation.”

Beyond rate savings, residents and local businesses can also expect new, SJP-funded community programs to launch in the near future. The City plans to install solar-powered ballasts and new streetlights to increase visibility within the community. They also intend to partner with local businesses on long-term power opportunities, solar rooftop projects, and electronic signage programs.

“The City looks forward to creating new programs and improving San Jacinto with the help of our new SJP revenue stream,” said City of San Jacinto Deputy City Manager Tom Prill. “We’ve had a great first year with SJP and we are excited to continue providing the community with rate savings, clean energy and new programs.”