Santa Barbara Clean Energy Expands Service to Non-Residential Customers

On March 1, 2022, Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE), an associate member of the California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice), began serving non-residential customers in the city, including commercial and industrial customers. The service expansion marks the successful launch of SBCE’s second phase; in its first phase, the local energy provider only offered service to residential customers. 

“SBCE started providing renewable energy to residential customers in October 2021, and we are excited to now offer clean power to local businesses,” said SBCE Acting Sustainability & Resilience Director Alelia Parenteau. “We thank CalChoice for their assistance and guidance as we transition into the second phase of SBCE’s implementation plan.”

Since its launch in October, SBCE has served roughly 34,000 residential customers. With the rollout of SBCE’s second phase, the not-for-profit energy provider now delivers renewable energy to approximately 6,900 new commercial and industrial customers. The enrollment of non-residential customers is a significant milestone in reaching SBCE’s energy and climate goals. 

Currently, 44 percent of the City’s energy content comes from renewable sources. SBCE implemented this program to reach its energy and climate goals of having 100 percent renewable energy community-wide by 2030. Additionally, SBCE has set the ambitious target of reaching carbon neutrality by 2035. 

“CalChoice is proud to partner with SBCE,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “SBCE is making meaningful progress toward its climate action goals, all while providing both residential and commercial customers with renewable energy at competitive rates.”

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