The City of North Las Vegas Works with Comcate to Launch Online Payment System

By: Comcate

The City of North Las Vegas has over 250,000 residents and processes thousands of code enforcement violations each month with the help of Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager. Following the implementation, the City of North Las Vegas created an initiative that would allow residents to utilize an online payment system.

“Allowing additional, more convenient methods of payment will help us spend less time worrying about delinquent payments and more time focusing on issues that matter most to our residents.”
– City of North Las Vegas

Previously, residents had two options of payment, pay in-person or pay with a check via mail. In today’s digital world, these methods can be seen as a little outdated and cumbersome to residents who are unable to pay in-person or do not have a checkbook.

As a solution, the City of North Las Vegas partnered with Comcate to design a system that would allow residents to make online payments by an Echeck or debit/credit card. In just 6-months, Comcate designed an intuitive payment system that any resident can easily. The payment system also is compatible with the City of North Las Vegas’ selected banking system use.

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