Tom Iandiorio Joins PMC

Iandiorio_TTom Iandiorio has joined PMC as project manager in their Long Beach, CA office. He is responsible for business development and the implementation of PMC’s suite of public financial services to local cities, counties and special districts primarily in the Southern California Region. Currently, he is supporting El Monte’s Urban Agriculture Initiative Program (UAIP) the goal of the UAIP is to develop and promote long term social, economic and environmental sustainability goals, while improving the overall quality of life for El Monte residents. This has been a very rewarding project to work on and be a part of, mentioned Tom.

PMC promotes the importance of achieving an excellent work-life balance and encourages its employees to apply individual skills and ideas toward advancing the company.

“The company culture at PMC is truly unique. I am very fortunate to work for an organization with so many talented and quality individuals who embrace the team concept,” Tom Commented.

Prior to joining PMC, Tom worked with MuniServices where he provided revenue enhancement services to cities in both California and Washington State. He has also donated his time to municipalities in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties where he helped streamline the business license process, secured additional revenues and reduced operating costs.

Tom has 15 years of experience building client relationships, managing internal support teams, managing contracts, implementing process improvements, and maximizing client success in both the public and private sectors.

“PMC is growing and as a results we are looking for staff experience in a diverse array of municipal solutions. Tom’s enthusiasm and diverse client service skill-set make him a great fit for the culture of PMC,” stated Derek Wong, public finance manager at PMC.