Urban Futures, Inc. Secures Financing for Woodbury University

Urban Futures Inc. (UFI) has recently completed a financing package for a higher education institution, providing for capital improvements and debt restructuring for a valued client.

Woodbury University enlisted UFI to aid in refinancing existing debt, and to secure capital to construct new living-learning campus residences. Expecting to grow from 1,500 to 2,100 full time equivalent students, and attracting more international students, Woodbury needed to expand their student housing options to enhance recruitment and retention. The University currently offers 200 campus-housing units, and plans to add an additional 100 new suite style units. As a result of the new addition, the University will be well on its way to meeting their Strategic Plan Goals. Project completion is expected in August 2017, in time for the new school year. UFI was proud to work on this project and help secure the funding needed to accomplish the mission of the University. This financing package was completed on December 23, 2014.

As a result of the financing package, Woodbury is also financing improvement projects for campus safety and security. Installation of security cameras and lock-down doors are just a few o the campus enhancements made possible by this package. The refinancing package also allows the University to save over $4 million in interest, enhancing the schools financial position significantly.

Members of the UFI team have worked on numerous funding packages like this, providing clients with the expertise needed to accomplish their goals and manage their debt appropriately. For more information on this type of service, contact John Phan at (714) 283-9334 or johnp@urbanfuturesinc.com.

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