2019 Annual CCMF Award Winners

The annual League of California Cities City Managers Department Meeting is the largest gathering of city managers, assistant city managers, and county chief administrative officers from throughout the state. Each year, the California City Management Foundation (CCMF) attends this conference to network and keep current on a wide range of issues.

Wade McKinney & Reva Feldman

On the second day of the conference at the Awards Luncheon, CCMF President Wade McKinney presented CCMF’s 2019 City Manager of the Year award to Reva Feldman, City Manager of Malibu.

“Reva is one of the strongest and hardest working city managers I know,” said Wade. “Not only did she help organize this year’s League City Managers conference, she is returning to serve on the CCMF Board. She was one of the first to reach out to Santa Rosa of her own accord and assist their Emergency Operations Center during the Tubbs Fire. She is an excellent example for the Malibu community about how to address emergencies and disasters. We are very lucky to count her as one of our allies when it comes to pursuing excellence in the city management profession.”

Wade McKinney & Jon Shull

Wade also presented CCMF’s 2019 Corporate Sponsor of the Year award to Jon Shull, Chief Executive Officer for the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA).

“California JPIA has been a leader in working with city managers to improve and support the profession. For years, this organization has been more than just insurance support – they truly help build better local governments throughout California. And for that, both myself and all California city managers thank California JPIA for their excellent partnership”

Following CCMF’s Awards, Wade was also honored for his career. For nearly four decades, Wade’s expertise and dedication have helped many city managers grow and thrive throughout the years. His guidance has helped shape CCMF as a resource for the city management profession. He has most recently served as the City Manager of Indian Wells and will be retiring in 2019. Executive Director Ken Pulskamp presented Wade with the League of California Cities’ Wes McClure Outstanding Service to the Profession Award, which Wade accepted to a standing ovation from his peers.

Ken Pulskamp & Wade McKinney

“Wade’s sincere desire to connect with people and offer a helpful hand, or ear, is a defining characteristic that causes him to be one of the most recognized and respected managers in the profession,” said Ken. “The Wes McClure award was created to continue the legacy of a manager who spent a career advancing the profession. Wade dedicated his entire career to advancing the profession, and like Wes McClure, is a model for current and future managers to emulate. Wade says he set out after college with the grand ambition of changing the world. Those lucky enough to have learned from Wade know he has achieved his goal within this profession.”

CCMF offers its congratulations to Reva, Jon and Wade on their respective awards. Thank you for all you have done to support the mission to pursue and support excellence in the city management profession.