About Us

When the public sector partners with private business, great things happen, and yet, more often than not, traditional media isn’t interested in telling the story. We can count on the LA Times to be first on the scene when a scandal breaks, but what happens when a city saves $60,000 with a new vendor, thus allowing the Parks and Recreation Department to preserve a beloved program for local residents? In these cases, Civic Business Journal (CBJ) is there to tell that story.

CBJ is a brand new publication, available exclusively online. We report on the people, companies and solutions that make local government in California more effective.

CBJ is interested in all of the people who make local government work, whether it is the city manager of a major metropolis, a project manager at an engineering firm, or an executive director of a member-driven association. All of these individuals contribute to the culture and decision making processes of local government. Understanding their interests and their goals is an important part of navigating our municipalities. Indeed, the inspiration for CBJ started at a California League of Cities conference in 2011 when I witnessed, toward the end of the exhibit hall hours, that so many people were leaving their booths to network and reconnect with their friends on the “local government circuit.” CBJ is here to help those people and their customers continue the dialogue long after the convention is over.

From civil engineering to public relations. From street paving to lawn mowing. From IT consulting to city manager recruitment. CBJ will cover these stories, connect them to the personalities behind the transactions, and provide a platform for cities, counties, utility districts, and companies to share their success. You can help by offering us Tips when you know of a story that should be told, or by inviting a CBJ journalist or photographer to attend your event.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Humbly yours,