CalChoice Associate Member, Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) Launched the Your Ride is EPIC Program

In February 2023, CalChoice Associate Member Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) launched the Your Ride is EPIC program to encourage the adoption of green transportation in Palmdale. The program offers eligible EPIC customers the opportunity to receive a free (or significantly discounted) plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or electric vehicle (EV) charger. 

To qualify, EPIC customers must provide proof of ownership of a PHEV or EV. Once enrolled, each household may purchase a new plug-in EV charger of their choice and be reimbursed up to $250. Chargers are available on a first come, first serve basis, until program funds are depleted. 

“Green transportation is the new frontier of sustainability,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “EPIC’s program empowers Palmdale’s community to save substantially on energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.”

The Your Ride is EPIC program also allows customers the option to purchase a wall mounted, level-II charger instead of a plug-in charger. The program provides up to $550 in reimbursement funds which can be used towards the purchase price of the wall mounted charger, installation and necessary permits. Customers choosing this option are also required to provide proof of installation to the City and undergo a final building and safety inspection before reimbursement.

“Creating these types of programs reduce barriers to entry and associated costs for converting to low-emission transportation, ensuring that sustainable solutions are accessible to a broader range of individuals,” continued Jason. “CalChoice is proud to support EPIC as they advance accessibility for their customers and contribute to California’s cleaner, greener future.”

To learn more and enroll, please visit: 

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