CalChoice Associate Member, Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE) Launches Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

In November 2023, CalChoice Associate Member Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE) announced the launch of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Rebate Program. Santa Barbara residents who purchase or lease a qualified EV can apply to receive a cash rebate from the City. 

The program offers SBCE customers a $1,000 cash rebate, and customers enrolled in CARE or other financial assistance programs can receive a cash rebate of up to $2,000. The rebate opportunity applies to EVs with a purchase date post the program’s launch on November 15, 2023, and an MSRP below $80,000.

“SBCE’s new EV rebate program will not only accelerate the adoption of EVs due to less of a cost barrier, but will also help the City move toward its climate action goals,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. 

This initiative plays a pivotal role in advancing the City of Santa Barbara’s goals of electrification and carbon neutrality. Transportation-related emissions account for approximately 60% of Santa Barbara’s greenhouse gas emissions, so it is crucial to transition to electric modes of transportation. The City is currently building a toolbox of resources, including this rebate program, to help facilitate this transition. Other initiatives include Santa Barbara’s recently launched on-demand online permitting system for EV chargers, and innovative parking programs that provide charging and parking access for the urban workforce and to parking constrained residents.

“We are proud to call Santa Barbara Clean Energy a member agency at CalChoice and look forward to watching the program thrive,” continued Jason. “Exciting things are happening in the energy sector, and we are thrilled to have our agencies at the forefront of positive change.” 

In addition to offering this EV rebate to help residents switch to driving electric, Santa Barbara Clean Energy also plans to roll out additional incentives to help customers electrify their homes and businesses in 2024.

To learn more about the EV rebate program visit SBCE’s website

About Santa Barbara Clean Energy

Santa Barbara Clean Energy, launched in 2021, is the City run, locally controlled electricity supplier offering Santa Barbara residents 100% carbon-free electricity and incentives such as EV rebates, reduced-cost electric bike memberships, and discounts on solar and battery storage programs. Learn more at or by calling (805) 897-1979. 

About CalChoice

CalChoice is a California Joint Powers Authority (“JPA”) that provides Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) support services, which include energy portfolio management, power procurement and trading, settlements and invoice validations, regulatory compliance, regulatory advocacy, financial and accounting, and rate-setting support functions. Current operational CalChoice members include Lancaster Choice Energy, Apple Valley Choice Energy, Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy, San Jacinto Power, the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority, Pomona Choice Energy, Santa Barbara Clean Energy and Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice. By joining together, CalChoice members are able to cut costs through economies of scale. Learn More at