CalChoice Associate Members Comply with Customer Privacy Report Audit

Padlock with CalChoice Logo insideOn August 31, 2012, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued Decision 12-08-045, which extends privacy protections to customers of community choice aggregators. To comply with the regulation, each CalChoice CCA was required to submit AMI reports before April 30, 2022. Documents submitted to the CPUC included the 2021 Annual Data Privacy Report and the Independent Auditors Report Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP).

Each CalChoice associate member submitted its Annual Data Privacy Report, indicating that the CCA has met all of its covered information reporting requirements and is in compliance with the provisions of Decision 12-08-045.

Additionally, each CalChoice associate member engaged independent auditor Abbot, Stringham, and Lynch to assist with document submission related to the Independent Auditors Report on Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP). Specific documentation was required to prove each CCA’s compliance with internal privacy and data security policies regarding “Covered Information” for the three-year period from January 1, 2019-December 3, 2021. Documents submitted fall into the following categories:

  • Data Security and IT Environment and Controls
  • Transparency
  • Use and Disclosure
  • Access and Control
  • Data Minimization

“CalChoice has always been committed to protecting customer information and complying with all regulations related to privacy standards for our CCAs,” said Jason Caudle, CalChoice Executive Director. “Each of our CCAs is in compliance with the rules set forth for the 2021 reporting year, with no outstanding issues.”