California JPIA Recognizes 5-Year Milestone Anniversary for Veronica Ruiz

Veronica RuizThis August, California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (California JPIA) Agency Clerk Veronica Ruiz commemorates five years of maintaining records and providing administrative support to the Authority’s governing bodies.

“Veronica’s organizational skills are unsurpassed. She plays a vital role in organizing our Finance Directors, City Managers, Risk Managers, and Executive Committee meetings as well as our Annual Board of Directors meeting,” said California JPIA Chief Executive Officer Alex Smith. “She ensures we are complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and she always strives to learn more. She’s forward-thinking and anticipates problems. We are grateful to have her on our team.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the public sector, Ruiz joined the California JPIA as agency clerk in 2018. Before joining the Authority, she served eight years as the city clerk for the City of San Marino. She holds a Certified Municipal Clerk designation from the International Institute of City Clerks and maintains active memberships in the International Institute of City Clerks, the City Clerks Association of California, and the National Notary Association.

Reflecting on her decision to join the Authority, Ruiz shared, “I had never considered working for the Authority because I had spent my entire career working for local municipal governments. When the agency clerk position opened, I kept seeing the recruitment flyer everywhere I went–I think it was a sign, and friends had encouraged me to apply. I never looked back!”

Working for municipal agencies provided Ruiz with clerk expertise. However, since joining the California JPIA, she has gained an understanding of insurance pooling. Ruiz is well-versed in the claims process, the proactive approach the Authority takes to risk management, and the importance of training–all things that have helped her succeed in her position.

Within her role at the Authority, Ruiz manages the preparation of agendas and the agenda review process. She also coordinates meeting attendance and ensures minutes are compiled accurately for the Authority’s governing bodies and various committees. In addition, she oversees the Authority’s document and records management program, promptly responding to public records requests and serving as the Filing Officer for the Authority’s Statements of Economic Interests.

“Veronica is an incredible asset to the Authority, consistently exceeding expectations. Her skill set, professionalism, and impeccable time management place her firmly in the top one percent of all Municipal Clerks,” said California JPIA Administrative Services Director Nikki Salas. “She approaches her work with unwavering conscientiousness, and her dedication and enthusiasm inspire those around her, making her an absolute dream to work alongside.”

Ruiz works closely with the Authority’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee, two of the Authority’s governing bodies. She is also instrumental in coordinating the California JPIA’s Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors each July.

“The organization is like no other I have worked for, and they have such high regard for their employees,” said Ruiz. “I refer to the Authority as my Camelot.”


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