City of Baldwin Park and California Consulting Measure Up for Measure W

The City of Baldwin Park worked with California Consulting Senior Project Manager David Marquez to craft an award-winning application totaling $14.7 million dollars.

Measure W was approved by Los Angeles County voters on November 6, 2018. This multi-benefit ballot measure provides cities and watershed areas within Los Angeles County with funds to capture, treat, and recycle storm water.

It’s no surprise to many residents and businesses in Los Angeles County that water management is one of the most critical issues impacting the environment and their lives. Since the 19th century, water management, including supply and distribution, has been one of the most pressing issues facing Los Angeles County. To this day, the majority of water used by residents and businesses in the region is imported. The challenge facing the County, regional water boards, private water companies, and disadvantaged communities is maximizing water supply with limited resources as the local population grows and water-based infrastructure ages.

Baldwin Park, located adjacent to the Upper San Gabriel River, is a disadvantaged community that now stands to benefit, along with its neighbors, from the passage of Measure W. The current stormwater management system in place at the Barnes Park site is an inefficient gravity-fed system. Therefore, an excessive amount of stormwater is lost and not recaptured to serve other purposes.

The recently approved Barnes Park Measure W Project will fund a new system that will recharge groundwater destined for the Upper San Gabriel River and capture harmful metals and bacteria entering the San Gabriel River. Onsite Bioswales, trees and plants will help increase water capture, storage and infiltration to an approximate 60% of an average yearly rainfall. Additionally, the planting of drought tolerant plants with high CO2 capture will reduce the local urban heat island effect. These upgrades to the Park will produce multiple benefits for the community. Green space will be added with the inclusion of passive and active recreational amenities. Access to the family recreation center, playground equipment, and the dog park will benefit park users of all ages.

This project benefited from a robust community engagement process that started in 2014. Community partners such as Active SGV, Amigos de Los Rios, Nature for All, local residents, the neighboring communities of City of Industry, El Monte and Glendora, and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District La Puente have supported and will continue to contribute to the project’s success.

The City of Baldwin Park was awarded $14,700,000 for the Barnes Park Project. The City is already moving forward to start the update and renovation of the park.

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