City of Santa Ana Joins ACC-OC

On Sept. 3, 2019, the City of Santa Ana voted unanimously to join the ACC-OC during a City Council meeting. The City had previously discussed becoming a member at the Special Meeting of Legislative Affairs, Ethics, Transparency & Communications Council Committee on July, 29, 2019. 

As part of the Association of California Cities- Orange County, the City of Santa Ana will have the opportunity to act on policy and legislative matters at a regional level. 

The City of Santa Ana has a City Strategic Plan that includes seven goals and objectives. These objectives include: 

  1. Community Safety;
  2. Youth, Education, Recreation;
  3. Economic Development;
  4. City Financial Stability;
  5. Community Health, Livability, Engagement and Sustainability;
  6. Community Facilities and Infrastructure; and
  7. Team Santa Ana.

The City of Santa Ana found that these goals align with those of the ACC-OC. Council members Vicente Sarmiento, David Penaloza, Jose Solorio, Cecilia Iglesias, Juan Villegas (Mayor Pro Tem) and Mayor Miguel Pulido will now be a part of the Association.