Meet the CCA Team: San Jacinto Power

San Jacinto Power's team.In this installation of California Choice Energy Authority’s “Meet the CCA Team” series, we highlight associate member San Jacinto Power (SJP). SJP is the City of San Jacinto’s locally managed public energy service, offering the community clean power at competitive rates. Since the CCA program’s inception in 2018, the core focus has been to prioritize the best interests of San Jacinto residents and businesses. 

SJP’s commitment to a healthier environment and economy would not be possible without its dedicated staff. SJP’s team is led by Thomas Prill, Deputy City Manager of Administrative Services. He works closely with Robert Johnson, the City Manager, and Cynthia Espinosa, the Assistant to the City Manager, to promote and implement innovative programs that benefit the entire community. 

“Making a positive impact is important to SJP,” said Thomas. “Everything we do aims to restore local control, help customers and local businesses save on energy costs and put our City on a path to a more sustainable future.” 

SJP strives to display the value of a community choice aggregator (CCA) by offering programs and services that address current needs and challenges. For instance, the CCA is currently working to improve public safety by installing more street lights in the community and establishing new savings opportunities, like the Power Choice Program, for customers in its service area. 

“As the second smallest CCA in the state, our partnership with CalChoice has been invaluable,” said Thomas. “Their team of consultants has not only accelerated our mission, but also serves as a trusted partner on regulatory and compliance matters. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and working alongside CalChoice’s additional associate member CCAs.” 

CalChoice is proud to partner with SJP and their committed team of staff in their ongoing efforts to advance its program offerings.  

About CalChoice

CalChoice is a California Joint Powers Authority (“JPA”) that provides Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) support services, which include energy portfolio management, power procurement and trading, settlements and invoice validations, regulatory compliance, regulatory advocacy, financial and accounting, and rate-setting support functions. Current operational CalChoice members include Lancaster Choice Energy, Apple Valley Choice Energy, Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy, San Jacinto Power, the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority, Pomona Choice Energy, Santa Barbara Clean Energy and Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice. By joining together, CalChoice members are able to cut costs through economies of scale. Learn More at