Santa Barbara Clean Energy and Electriq Power Offer New Home Power Program

With the recent launch of the Santa Barbara Home Power Program, all Santa Barbara residents will have access to affordable solar power and battery storage. Santa Barbara Clean Energy (SBCE) has partnered with Electriq Power to provide residents with fully financed residential solar microgrids that will help residents meet and supply their home’s individual energy demand.

In addition to solar generation, the Home Power Program features Electriq Power’s PowerPod 2 battery, a smart home battery that captures solar-generated energy.

The program targets an intersection of sustainability and access, regardless of socio-economic status, benefiting Santa Barbara residents across all income levels by sparing participants from peak pricing rate increases when energy demand is highest and lowering electricity costs across the board.

The Home Power Program also protects against rolling blackouts during power grid outages. With these systems in place, Santa Barbara residents can generate electricity independent from the grid while avoiding peak pricing incurred during outages.

In an October 25 news release, Alelia Parenteau, SBCE’s Program Director and the City of Santa Barbara’s Sustainability & Resilience Director, shared, “At Santa Barbara Clean Energy, we are looking to improve local resilience by building local energy generation and storage. The Santa Barbara Home Power program allows local residents to do just that, while also gaining peace of mind against potential grid outages and rising prices.”

“CalChoice celebrates Santa Barbara Clean Energy’s efforts to advance sustainability across Santa Barbara,” said Executive Director Jason Caudle. “Santa Barbara Home Power represents a significant step toward renewable energy and serves as an exemplary model for future programs and CCA partnerships.”