CalChoice Associate Members Partner with Tesla to Offer the Power Choice Program

CalChoice has partnered with Tesla and Participate.Energy to provide its associate members the Power Choice Program. The program gives residential customers and homeowners the opportunity to benefit from solar and battery storage without the cost of installing and owning a system. 

CalChoice associate member Lancaster Energy piloted the program beginning in December 2022, and several members have adopted the program including, Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy, Pomona Choice Energy, Rancho Mirage Energy Authority and San Jacinto Power. Apple Valley Choice Energy and Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice are scheduled to join in the coming months.

“CalChoice is excited for our associate members to take advantage of this program,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “Beyond providing a solar and battery system at no upfront cost, the Power Choice program offers customers energy savings and resiliency.”

Tesla will install the rooftop solar panels and provide the Tesla Powerwall, and customers will continue to receive one monthly bill, exactly as they do now. Participants will make affordable monthly payments based on their power usage. Tesla’s industry-leading experts will also provide installation and complimentary customer service, with no up-front cost and no credit check required. 

Through the incorporation of the Powerwall, enrolled customers will receive access to backup power during a Public Safety Power Shutoff or in emergency situations, ensuring customers can fully utilize all the solar energy generated by their home system. 

For additional information about the program and instructions for enrolling, please visit 

About CalChoice

CalChoice is a California Joint Powers Authority (“JPA”) that provides Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) support services, which include energy portfolio management, power procurement and trading, settlements and invoice validations, regulatory compliance, regulatory advocacy, financial and accounting, and rate-setting support functions. Current operational CalChoice members include Lancaster Choice Energy, Apple Valley Choice Energy, Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy, San Jacinto Power, the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority, Pomona Choice Energy, Santa Barbara Clean Energy and Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice. By joining together, CalChoice members are able to cut costs through economies of scale. Learn More at