SoCalREN’s 10-Year Anniversary Celebration: Palmdale and Pomona Receive Awards, Santa Barbara Clean Energy Inspires on Panel

City of Pomona and Palmdale staff receiving sustainability awards. On September 6, the Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) hosted its 10-year anniversary celebration. During the event, attended by over 200 public agencies, SoCalREN recognized the Cities of Palmdale and Pomona for their commitment to advancing sustainable energy initiatives. Palmdale was the selected recipient of the Extraordinary Emission Reduction Award and Pomona with the Decade of Sustainable Excellence Award.

“The Extraordinary Emission Reduction and Decade of Sustainable Excellence Awards are an honor for all recipients,” said CalChoice Executive Director Jason Caudle. “They are well-deserved accolades, as the cities of Palmdale and Pomona have been dedicated to advancing renewable energy, especially with the launch of their CCA programs: Energy for Palmdale’s Independent Choice (EPIC) and Pomona Choice Energy. We are proud to call EPIC and Pomona Choice Energy member agencies at CalChoice and look forward to watching their programs flourish.”

Beyond establishing community choice aggregation programs, over the past decade, Palmdale and Pomona have both worked closely with SoCalREN on other sustainable initiatives. The City of Palmdale has saved around $1.4 million annually and reduced energy consumption by over 30%, equal to 7.5 GWh per year. Their projects include lighting upgrades, mechanical improvements, pool covers, and boiler replacements. Palmdale’s dedication to a sustainable community is evident through their ongoing city-wide initiative for energy efficiency and water conservation, solidifying their position as the leading SoCalREN energy saver.

Meanwhile, over the past decade the City of Pomona has captured approximately $150,000 in annual cost savings and 800 MWh in annual energy savings. Pomona has undertaken substantial projects, including street lighting retrofits and comprehensive renovations at their parks and libraries, with more initiatives currently underway. Their collaboration with SoCalREN has led to the establishment of an Energy Resilience Action Plan for Palomares Park and the library, plans to install 19 EV chargers through the County’s EVen Access Public Power-Up Program and support for a California State Library grant application.

The SoCalREN event was both a celebration and an opportunity for information sharing. In addition to Palmdale and Pomona receiving awards, Santa Barbara Clean Energy’s (SBCE) Director of Sustainability and Resilience Alelia Parenteau was invited as a speaker on a panel that focused on recognizing energy pioneers and industry leaders who are actively accelerating the shift towards clean energy. During the panel discussion, Alelia and her fellow panelists, which also included Palmdale’s Innovation and Environmental Manager, Ben Lucha, shared their experiences developing initiatives within their communities to showcase efforts aimed at creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Learn more about SoCalREN here. And to see what EPIC, Pomona Choice Energy and SBCE have in store for a bright future, visit their respective websites. 

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