The Waze Connected Citizens Program

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Waze, a subsidiary of Google, inc.,  is doing more than helping drivers arrive quickly to their destinations. The new Connected Citizens Program, or CCP, is launching a global initiative to improve traffic conditions, reduce road congestion, and improve transportation infrastructure. The program is focused on gathering real time information combined with official sources, such as local governments, to better inform drivers of how to avoid congestion. 

By publicly reporting incident reports like planned or unexpected road closures, CCP enables government partners to immediately report congestion or emergency situations on their roads. Combining information submitted by drivers using the Waze app and information submitted by government affiliates, Waze is striving to provide a more complete overview of road conditions everywhere. This program comes at no charge to participating partners. 

Once an approved partner, cities are able to submit information through a portal. By providing information on a city level, partners can then see where problem areas arise via user information and combat road conditions in a timely manner. You can learn more about what CCP can do for your city and how to input data here

Currently, Waze users can share data about lane closures, accidents, and other traffic delays. This new program enables the addition of city data, giving Waze – and therefore Waze users – even more knowledge about road and traffic conditions to benefit from real-time information.

The global program started with 10 original partners known as the ‘W10’ in 2014. Those partners included: Los Angeles County, CA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Tel Aviv, Israel; Barcelona, Spain, San Jose, Costa Rica, Jakarta, Indonesia, Boston, MA; The New York Police Department, NY; the state of Utah, and the state of Florida. 

Since its inception, the program has grown rapidly around the world, with 72 current North American partners. Eight of these partners are located in California, including: Caltrans, City of Cupertino, City of Los Angeles, City of San Francisco, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, California Paramedics Plus (Genesis Pulse), and the Town of Los Gatos.

In addition to the North American partners, the CCP has 29 other global partners.

The program is open to municipalities, local government agencies, states,utility companies, departments of transportation, 911 emergency dispatch centers, police departments, and departments of public works.
Google will be enabling approved partners to join the CCP, and membership is at their discretion. To join the CCP, partners need to submit an application and complete an online General Information Form. After reviewing the application, Google will let applicants know in writing if they have become an approved partner. You can apply to the program here.